The first step on the ladder of fulfilling our spiritual goal is a well managed life. Its 3 foundation pillars are healthy body, pure pious mind and cultured civilized society. In order to render these pillars optimally balanced, in order to make them powerful and capable we have to do something. We must gird up our loins for it with a potent resolve.

Social culture and civilization stands in fro not of us all in a much more harassing state than political slavery. Soldiers of India’s Poltical Freedom Fight dwelling in heaven after sacrificing their very lives for this great cause are asking us all as to why our caravan has stopped at a guesthouse on the way for so long a time? The next stop was to uproot social uncultured behavior. This campaign was to gather momentum at that stop. Hence the question is why have these soldiers thrown their weapons away midway itself? The soul of our present era wants an answer to this question. We perforce must answer it. Lest we just wish to do nothing to uproot social uncultured behavior or that we are incapable of uprooting it then the manner in which historians bow down to sacrificing soldiers of India’s long drawn Poltical Freedom Fight shall also leave no stone unturned in censuring us and our apathy.

On the shoulders of God devoted people like us all marching ahead for realizing the spiritual goal rests also duties pertaining to our mundane life and world. Let us worship God and sacredly love his children (all creatures of the world). Let us offer rituals at God’s sacred feet and render his garden,PLEASE do HEAR AND ACCEPT the BUGLE CALL OF ERA NEO CREATION Articles this world extremely beautiful. Only then can we become true heirs of his divine love.

The 1st step on the ladder of fulfilling our spiritual goal is a well managed life. Its 3 foundation pillars are a healthy body, pure pious mind and a cultured civilized society. In order to render these pillars optimally balanced, in order to make them powerful and capable we have to do something. We must gird up our loins for it with a powerful resolve. The basis of this great task of Era Neo Creation rests on our acting prowess. No longer can we afford to ignore it and neither can we shut our eyes like a frightened pigeon on seeing a cat glaring at it ferociously. Almighty Lord yearns that we execute our appointed duties for ushering in Era Neo Creation and we shall perforce have to do so.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (January 1962; Page 36)

Henceforth the responsibility of leading world public shall rest on the shoulders of religious and spiritual systems. People working in the realm of religion/spirituality shall play the real role of neo creation. The credit of liberating the human race from limitless sorrow/pain shall be given to people waging this type of ‘war’. Hence our era calls aloud to all wise awakened souls to come forward. They must reform the present form of religion and spirituality. By removing the dirt of uselessness gathered on it an environment of cleanliness and purity must be reinstated. It is this ‘weapon’ only that can troubleshoot all dire world problems endured today. Hence this knife must be kept polished and rendered sharp. Knives that rust or are not sharp at all fail to cut up anything. No hope can be harbored from the nature and form of religious and spiritual institutions seen today. Hence it is compulsory that we reform and change it positively.

If wise awakened souls endowed with a radiantly transformed psyche make apt use of sanctified and positively transformed religious and spiritual institutions world dire problems can be overcome, heaven can be ushered in on planet earth and the aspiration to become divine from human beings shall definitely get fulfilled. In order to bring down from heaven the River Ganga of reformed world conditions today innumerable Bhagiratha’s are required. Say, who shall fulfill this mandatory requirement? Mother India is looking in our directions with hope lit in her brilliant eyes. Her aspiration resounds in interstellar space with these words:

“That day, for which a lioness sires children!

Please tell my lioness-that day has arrived!”

We must decide as to what apt answer are we going to give to this era’s call and this is that apt hour of making a proper decision.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (May 1965; Page 52)

The glorious task of Era Neo Creation can never be executed by people possessing a commonplace mental plain, full of selfish interests, lowly thinking/activities, cowards and weak minded. For this goal powerful and radiant soul personalities shall incarnate and they shall successfully attain this goal. Those who look here and there in a jittery fashion during times that demand a bit of self sacrifice and renunciation certainly are incapable of handling and succeeding in such a great humungous task. The soil from which such people are created is sandy and infertile. From it how can any object be made that can last longer. Those who harbor hopes of attaining all Divine Powers or Ridhi-Sidhis of all the 3 worlds just because they chant God’s name for about 10-15 minutes daily but shy away when it comes to sanctifying their lives and working selflessly for world well being, certainly such lowly people are blissfully ignorant of even the basic a-b-c of spirituality. Thus how can they possess a strong soul force? Those lacking potent soul force can never contribute in any major way in the great glorious task of Era Neo Creation.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (May 1966; Page 44)

Today’s times require that gentlemanly pious people must come forward they must enter the ‘war’ front and protect downfallen world humanity from the attack of distortions, vile activities and hard heartedness. Today the war between demons-demigods representing good-bad qualities must commence in full throttle. Divinity like pious people in their respective realm of life must handle their appointed campaigns. By carrying with them the torch of great glorious tasks, gentlemanly behavior and good will based actions they must head towards regions of darkness and ward it off once and for ever. Social distortions have reached such depths of nadir that lest it is not stopped from sliding downwards even further life shall become extinct in our world.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (January 1967; Page 30)

The process of Era Neo Creation under the flagship of Era Transformation shall be successfully fulfilled by such people in whom the light of divinity in apt measure is becoming more and more radiant. On the basis of means at hand authors, orators, leaders, actors, artists, campaigners etc and talented people for some time can exhibit miracle like feats yet no permanency or steadfastness can be noted in it. Akin to a wall of sand their actions merge into dust in a jiffy and those who are eulogized highly today their very existence becomes difficult to find as time lapses by.

Steadiness rests in the profound depths of truth and soul force. Great tasks like Era Neo Creation can be established only on a firm foundation. The potential to shoulder its heavy responsibility can be noted only in great men oozing with divine tendencies. Hence captains of the ship of Era Neo Creation, its managers and army chiefs must compulsorily become illumined with the aura of divinity.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (December 1967; Page 14)

A sunrise of such world public power must usher in that by rising above commonplace mundane activities like filling the tummy with yummy food, siring children etc can think deeply in a refreshingly new manner. Further by going much beyond daily dying for fulfilling fleeting sense pleasure based desires one must start pondering deeply about selfless world service, cooperation, renunciation and self sacrifice. Without the manifestation of such world public power all thinking of hardworking social service volunteers shall be rendered merely an imaginary entertainment program. Prana Energy or life force dwells in sheer honest hard work. Neo creation required effort. Hence in all human beasts living all around us we must create the light of true humane sentiments, glorious pride and valor. Thus they shall come out of the noose like periphery of selfish interests and narrow minded thinking and activities and shall execute such acts that are comparable to those ones enacted by wise awakened souls while simultaneously focusing mentally on their true divine nature, divine cosmic principle and righteous duty of harbingering in world well being.

The aim of my future austerities involves creation of Bhagirathas in every nation the world over and in every realm of human living.

For this goal required energy, means of great capability etc require to be garnered. Without apt means and weapons any army cannot wage wars. For Era Neo Creation, for radiant leadership etc while hiding behind the curtain, I shall generate required energy and a conducive world situation. Via my future terrific penance this shall definitely be possible to achieve and in a few days itself in every realm of human life and in every direction highly capable pious selfless workers the world over shall exhibit mind blowing skills resulting in sweet success for keeps. Thus it is they who shall rightfully get credit.

The Yug Nirman Mission is not any institution but is a great direction of life and sacred wholesome thinking. Hence for this end many organizations and processes shall dawn brightly. The credit for this future world transformation shall not necessarily be given to our Yug Nirman Mission. There can be many types of names-forms and no doubt they shall come into being. This shall make no difference to the mission at hand. The fundamental aim is establishing farsighted discrimination or Viveka in world human psyche and augmenting great world welfare tasks in a manifold manner.

Hence every country, every society, every religion and in every walk of life in order to include this principle it is mandatory that a new leadership rises like the brilliant sun post dawn. In order to fulfill this very important need I shall take recourse to very terrific austerities for the remaining years of my life. It is only my Revered Gurudeva who shall decide as to where it shall be executed and what shall be its nature/form. But amongst the 2 reasons one is mentioned above for which I shall perforce have to give up intense contact with people visiting me and in its place take steps of solitude in a lone manner.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (December 1969; Page 61-62)

The vile activities of wicked people can be so fearfully terrible that in order to destroy it undergoing intense struggle is the only way. Those that are hard core fundamentalists, prejudiced, indolent, deluded in thinking, egoistic, unruly, selfish and anti social elements, they are just not ready to listen to deep positive thinking and justice. Forget imbibing reformative ideas and attaining glorious goals in life instead they tooth and nail obstruct the path of true progress and advancement. In order to uproot such beastliness and ghost mindedness opposition and struggle become compulsory.

Today world society reeks with blind traditions and beliefs. On the basis of caste-communities categories of high class-low class prevails, women face inhuman atrocities, insane expenditure for marriage ceremonies that lead to poverty and criminal acts, untold expenses for feeding hordes of people as post death rites, taking wily advantage of innocent people’s faith in the name of religion etc are such causes that have led to India’s economic/financial erosion and this in turn has led to the birth of innumerable distortions. In each realm of daily life crime, fraud, adulteration, bribery and corruption rule the roost. In the absence of congregational opposition to all this, hoodlum thug elements are strengthening their hold on society day after day. Thus day and day out criminal acts are rising alarmingly. Political leaders and government officials are executing such tainted acts that the ground below our feet is sliding. All this cannot be uprooted merely via legislations and flowery speeches. Those who have tasted blood or else those whose ego is touching the sky way above are never going to change their fraudulent corrupt activities in a hurry. They shall be forced to listen to good advice via the process of long term struggle and opposition. Only then they shall give up their unethical tendencies and walk the path of honesty and ethics.

For this end while keeping in mind Mahatma Gandhi’s Satyagraha, laborers surrounding their bosses in huge numbers demanding higher wages etc and the bitter-sweet experiences of the Communist Cultural Revolution in China I have designed such an all round plan that anarchy shall not spread out and that undesirable trends and elements shall perforce change their ways in a positive manner. For achieving this goal local, individual and collective struggle based programs shall set rolling in. A huge organization of volunteers called Era Army shall have to be set up that by making huge sacrifices in a selfless manner shall combat inapt undesirable trends and elements in society extremely powerfully.

The future Mahabharat War shall be of this type. It shall be fought by great leaders, selfless workers and era creators and certainly not by armies wielding guns, missiles etc. Before Satyuga or Golden Era harbingers in this new Mahabharat War shall perforce have to be waged tooth and nail. The lineage of Avatars along with neo creation, also execute programs of intense struggle. The Nishkalank Avatar (Taintless Avatar) of the red torch lit by Yug Nirman Mission (Era Neo Creation) in the days to come shall play out this role and hence none should get amazed with it.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (June 1971; Page 60-61)

Awakened self introspective souls must watch the fierce battle between demigods-demons going on within their psyche. For solving it by using their goodwill based discrimination and sacred valor they must humbly invite Almighty God to enter their psyche. Lest this happens innumerable talented members of this divine family can place at the feet of this Era’s deity their sacred sentiment based self sacrifice. Humanity that is today languishing in the deep crater of a huge downfall and sorrow based anguish has wailed aloud pitiably for this only. Lord Mahakal too wishes this. Regarding this amongst awakened self introspective soul personalities each one can shoulder an extraordinary role. The problem only is one and that is how to get liberated from the eclipse of Rahu-Ketu (dragon’s head and tail) in the form of greed and deluded attachment to the material world that engulfs a person’s soul aura?

Those who shall take sides with divinity in the gory battle between demigods-demons only they shall successfully play this all important role of a divine human in this hour of Era Transformation. Awakened souls must seriously think with reference to this and thus put into action more intense efforts. In whatever way one can contribute one must do so in as great a measure as possible. This then is the biggest demand of our present era and it is also the biggest call of our inner soul.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (January 1978; Page 56-57)

That time has lapsed by wherein we merely keep designing schemes for the meritorious task of Era Neo Creation. What remains now is to put great glorious thoughts into action the world over on a war footing. Our great thinking has to be put into action. We are waiting for our goodwill sentiments to ripen and become active. We must not waste precious time in the state of dithering indecision.

Our goal is gigantic and very widespread. It is just not enough that we merely keep lit ceaselessly the red flame torch representing Wisdom Yajnas and Thought Revolution for sanctification of world human psyche. That oil required to keep its flame brilliantly illumined can be attained in the form of sacred sentiment based self sacrifice of awakened souls. In comparison to all types of production the world over the sunrise of divinity in the human soul is supremely important. Without worrying about heat, cold, rain etc in this agriculture like task we must conjoin to it akin to an honestly hard working farmer. Ushering in heaven on earth is like creating a heavenly garden. Akin to a steadfast zealous gardener our actions should be so deft and skillful that we get the credit of ushering in blooming spring season in the garden called the world created by Almighty God.

In order to achieve such stupendous success it is just not enough to amass fertilizers, water etc. In it gardeners have to utilize their brilliant skills. Akin to farmers showcasing their talent in the realm of tilling soil and harvesting good quality crops in the ushering in of heaven on earth and divinity in mankind awakened soul personages shall have to contribute their deep faith and skillful potential.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (March 1978; Page 61)

In the ushering of a political revolution enterprise and weapon power is enough. Economic revolution requires means and proper understanding. This is but mundane material transformation wherein availability of material means is sufficient. But we have to confluence 3 revolutions viz. intellectual, ethical and social. For this end the descendents of the lord of character, faith and talent viz. Rishi Dadhichi have to voluntarily come forward and shoulder this mammoth revolution. A civil engineer based on the training he gets in institutes and colleges succeeds in building houses, factories, bridges etc. we have to neo create individuals, society and an entire era. It is only the goodwill based contribution of talented awakened souls that this goal can be attained.

Those who totally lack sacred sentiments, those who are enmeshed in the mire of miserly selfishness, how can one hope anything from such poor demeaned people? It is only super generous people like Karna (epic Mahabharat fame) who even on his death bed uprooted his golden tooth to give it in charity. King Harishchandra sold off his wife and child as laborers when tested by his Revered Guru Maharshi Vishwamitra. Greedy selfish people cannot think beyond fulfilling fleeting selfish desires. When it comes to giving something, their hearts experience pain.

For neo creation of individuals, family and society neither are means required nor is it that situations must be apt. for it instead such radiantly talented people are required in whose veins flow the blood of great Rishis of yore oozing with pious sentiments. From the shrewdness standpoint the crow is said to excel all creatures. The wily cunningness of a jackal is well known. In digging out corpses tomcats are very adept. A snake, protecting a vault of jewels is quite focused while doing so. In sacred sentiment based creations weapons molded from other types of metals are used. It is only in the blazing pyre of unswerving faith towards sacred ideals that such Ashtadhatus (amalgamation of 8 precious metals) that are prepared. A requirement exists of such people who are created from these Ashtadhatus (amalgamation of 8 precious metals). The arena of selfless service is gigantic. In it so many thugs and goons garbed as ‘gentlemen and saints’ conjoin and are ever ready to pounce, yet none of these actually execute great selfless tasks. It is only a lit burning flame lamp that can emit brilliant light.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (March 1978; Page 61-62)

Those who have to enact small-big roles in Era Neo Creation shall be termed ‘soldiers of neo creation’. Their main weapon shall be their own inner personality. If it oozes with radiance then whatever task it takes up be it for preaching, creativity, reformative etc they shall no doubt succeed. For people without an inner radiant personality leading this era becomes sheer mockery. It is one thing to fight as a soldier in a drama on a stage and it is totally different when it comes to wielding sharp swords actually in a bloody battlefield. Even a joker can enact the role of an orator, leader etc in a movie as an actor but to attain a very effective result is possible only for valiant daring people. The only means for Era Neo Creation can only be those inner radiant personalities that take up such meritorious deeds. In these days these people are most required.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (July 1978; Page 60)

Wherever the Rivers Ganga and Yamuna confluence, representing soul welfare and world welfare, it shall have only one form encompassing donation of a portion of one’s wealth, hard work and time. In this they shall ooze with goodwill based enthusiasm. When it becomes full of deep yearning whether there are thousand difficulties, opposition or total lack of help from anyone they dare to march ahead in a lone manner. No external force can obstruct this inner inspiration and no external enticement akin to a juicy carrot can render them subjugated. No amount of flowery cunning words or attachment to family, wealth etc can lure them away from such great glorious tasks. An arrow emerging from a bow definitely pierces its target. Awakened souls energized with Era Consciousness on becoming aides of the Prajna Avatar (Divine Intellect) they visualize only one goal whether awake or asleep.

The most important task of the current era is sanctification of world human psyche. The rejuvenation of faith and aspiration too is this. It is this process that is also called Divine Wisdom Yajna and Thought Revolution. What exactly can be done regarding this? Our brain tries to infer as to how fast and to what distance can our present state march ahead in this direction. Via deep reflection and mental mulling every person of every type of situation based on his capability and circumstances succeeds in searching work.

After the Kalpavriksha (wish fulfilling tree) of faith and aspiration matures the wealth of its flowers, fruits etc shall increase so much that on its basis no obstacles shall remain that can obstruct our successful troubleshooting of various difficulties faced at present.

Uplifting of the stature of our faith and aspiration, sanctification of our thinking process and augmenting of great glorious activities appear 3 different entities yet in reality these are 3 facets of one single fact. In actuality great glorious activities and sacred knowledge are but creations of goodwill based emotions. This then is that great super effort executed by the Prajna Avatar (Divine Intellect) using awakened soul personalities as its medium. Each awakened soul personality shall in times to come focus all their zeal and attention on sanctification of purification of world human psyche.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (August 1979; Page 38)

Assenting to blind faith is full of dire risk. If someone is accompanied by a group of people full of immaturity and half baked thinking, we must not err by calling it public power. There is only one way in which to measure how profound is someone’s faith and soul oneness and that is this person calm and well balanced when dire problems and difficulties are faced by him? Those who get agitated merely on hearing gossips are in effect hollow minded and weak. If you conjoin with such people no major task can be successfully accomplished. Such people can be rendered stressed and restless by anyone at any point in time. In order to uproot such people via allegations by those who design scams and frauds proves quite useful.

In the group of warriors it is only the high stature of valiant people that help in a big way. A big reason for tasting defeat is soldiers in large numbers reeking with suspicion, distrust and cowardice. This indolent minded people must be separated just as bran is removed from food grains. Since public ire awakens towards tainted illegal activities the endorsement of cooperative people augments n fold. Thus the aspect of reformative campaigns strengthens intensely. It is only during bad times faced by us that we can infer as to who actually our friend is and who is not. None can accomplish this task as well as done so by oppressive sadistic people. It is because of opposing that we can get liberated from ‘friends’ who are imbalanced intellect and nature wise and that help and cooperation from those who are full of farsighted discrimination or Viveka increases. The reason is that opposition and attacks creates agitation that in turn executes the above.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (August 1979; Page 53-54)

On the one hand destructive world situations are roaring ferociously and at the other end energies of creativity are immersed in efforts of security and neo creation. Under such a situation it is the duty of every awakened soul not to get immersed merely in beastly activities like procreating more and more children and filling their tummies with mouth watering food. Instead they must introspect and ask themselves as to how can they contribute towards solving dire problems of this era. In this hour of peril in order to defeat destruction and render neo creation potent understanding one’s special responsibility and duty is very much required by farsighted seers. The call of this era is shaking us up for this reason and are inspiring serious devotees of this era to stand in the front row. Such devotees possess the capacity to witnessing the invisible and understanding facts wisely.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (September 1979; Page 35)

The movement of Thought Revolution is not limited to the boundary of uprooting tainted social trends, communal agitations and blind beliefs. If this were the case it would have been enough for a few reformers to work in those arenas. Yet the dire situation is deeper, widespread and very important to tackle. A bigger and stranger difficulty than this is that even valiant self sacrificing people cannot fulfill this goal. For it aspirations oozing with goodwill based sentiments for the world are required. Desire on its own is always available and it can be made to do just about anything be it apt or otherwise. If we use it for our mission it goes against our glorious pride. Further to attain it is difficult. If desires that are bought are faithless it cannot go down much deeper for desired goals. Such hordes of people that are lame, handicapped etc may go ahead to some short distance yet since it is lifeless it proves useless and a sheer failure in trying to attain the desired goal.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (December 1979; Page 40)

Majority of highly intellectual people are deceitful. If we take a close look at so called intellectual people it seems that no doubt their special prowess have rendered them shrewd, deft and adept but in imbibing sacred ideals they are totally incapable. Experts like authors, poets, orators, lawyers, leaders etc are less in number yet lest their brilliant talent had been put into use for advancement of great world welfare activities, then its effect and result would have been positively beneficial yet today’s situation is quite hopeless. The bare reality is that in comparison to benefits accrued from so called high intellects harm and losses faced are much more.

Over here when we are discussing all this our intention certainly is not to decrease the importance of expert brain skills but that our aim is to awaken alongside it sacred sensitive sentiments also (Bhavasamvedana). This is rejuvenation and re awakening of the principle of devotion to God called Bhakti. It is this that is called immortal nectar or Amrit. In order that brain skills augment others are making untold efforts. But what we aspire is that we immerse ourselves in augmenting greatness of thinking and sacred faith in our psyche’s deep recesses.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (December 1979; Page 40)

Today in order to transform this era so many varieties of talent and skills shall be required. Scholars are required who via their logical brain and necessary proof can teach the public a new mode of thinking. Artists are required who very much like Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Meerabai, Surdas and Kabir sway their sacred sentiments in such a way just as a snake charmer induces swaying dancing in a snake. Wealthy rich people are required who instead of burning their humungous bank balances in vain sense titillation akin to Emperor Ashok use up their all to fufill contemporary world requirements. Politicians are required who akin to Mahatma Gandhi, Rousseau, Karl Marx and Lenin urge those in their contact, to walk that path that was never even hoped for previously.

What to say of people oozing with sacred sensitive sentiments also (Bhavasamvedana)? If great divinely powerful saints comparable to touchstones transform people who are iron like into gold imagine how much world well being can be harbingered in on a war footing?

My Virbhadras shall do exactly this. I too have done this. I have ushered in a transformation in the thinking and mode of carrying out tasks from their very root and akin to Satyagraha Movement followers of Gandhi, akin to followers of Vinobaji Bhave in his Bhoodan Movement and akin to Lord Buddhas ascetic travelers the world over egged them on to surrender their all for it. This gigantic army of Prajnaputras is playing the role of monkeys following Lord Hanumanji.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (April 1985; Page 61)

At the root of all movements/campaigns the world over, even if they were great and widespread yet it was the feat of merely a few individuals at work. They with their cyclonic wind like power took so many with them high in the sky. These were neither super powerful warriors and nor extremely rich billionaires. Mahatma Gandhi set rolling a cyclonic storm in which thousands of people like leaves and stems played roles touching the sky. Such movements time and again have taken place in India and all corners of the world. They were rendered quite widespread. At their root was at work, the powerful resolve and efforts of a couple of strong will power people. Hence in this world the biggest principle is said to be our will power. Powerful resolves and decisions are made by many people but to remain steadfast to it and see it to successful completion is not easy for all and sundry. As soon as opposition and obstacles are faced so many lose valor and citing some excuse or the other they flee from the scene. But he who combats each and every situation with this own force, carving his own path and rows his boat himself so as to reach safe shores, such strong will people are rare to find. Strong will power people are those valiant ones who take each step with proper wisdom and understanding and fulfill their task even if it means laying down their lives for a great cause.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (August 1987; Page 22)

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